Wednesday, March 18, 2015

About us - A message from the President


The Frederick Sister Cities Association (FSCA) was originally a chapter of Sister Cities International which was inspired by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 to establish partnerships between communities in the US and similar communities internationally.   By building grassroots partnerships, the basic principle is to evolve friendships that bind us together to promote peace one person at a time. 
Frederick has two sister cities:  Schifferstadt and Morzheim, both in the Rhineland-Pfalz region of Germany. These sister cities relationships were established in 1982 and 1956 respectively.  Our community has been enriched by people who came from these cities, among many others, Jacob Brunner from Schifferstadt and Johann Thomas Schley from Morzheim.  Our partnerships should represent the diversity in Frederick and the interests to the entire community. 
Presently, the FSCA is organized as an affiliate of the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.  Their purpose is to encourage the residents of The City of Frederick County, Maryland, and the residents of Schifferstadt and Morzheim, Germany, to foster a continuing relationship stemming from our mutual heritage and interests.  As such, we will undertake such activities and programs which will provide one another with appropriate aid, comfort, education and mutual understanding.  FSCA will actively participate as an organization in the promoting, fostering and publicizing such activities. 
In July 2014, the FSCA sent two Frederick County students, who are studying the German language, to Schifferstadt, Germany as ambassadors from Frederick and to learn about the language and culture of Schifferstadt. The FSCA is now planning for the visit of 28 guests from Schifferstadt, Germany, who will be touring Frederick during the month of October 2014. 

   Ms. Ronnie L. Osterman, 
President, Frederick Sister Cities Association

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